Friday, March 30, 2007

Tea time

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Here is an album of me having fun eating my favorite cacao concoction in my backyard!
And I also made an album of pictures from this past weekend:
Weekend Fun

(12:29AM) Last night I had a little food party with myself pretty late at night. I gotta start writing it down when I do that b/c I forgot already, but I think I had 50 more garlic almonds, 5 or 6 triple seed crackers with Nur's leeks and then I know I had a chocolate almond milk made with pastuerized almond milk from a carton since I didn't have any made and I got a craving for it. It was (...chuckle...) really good:) I went to bed kinda late, 2 or 3 o clock (sigh). I woke by my preset alarm at 8. I don't like using the alarm clock, but I needed to pick up a tiller from a friend before she went to work. I had a little Bmax/coco left in the fridge (3 or 4 oz), so I drank that sometime in the morning. Then I had an orange around noon, a large salad around 1:30 with one serving of cacao concoction. I spent a lot of time in the yard today. I was trying to till some more sections of my yard, but struggling a great deal. I found out later that I didn't have a certain pin in the right position on the wheels of the tiller, so I got an unnecessary but not unpleasant workout. Anyway, I sweat my little fanny off, so I was drinking oodles of sweet tea all throughout the afternoon. Thats one thing I LOVE about summer (which it felt like today): how awesome yummy cool drinks taste! And sweating. Around 5 I had two stalks of celery with 6-8 oz or so of pesto. I had another cacao treat 2 hours later, 80 some odd garlic almonds around 9 or 10, and 16 oz (yikes) of pasteurized chocolate almond milk. This was not a great idea. I felt a little melancholy afterwards, probably from all the agave in the chocolate milk. The good news is, it passed quickly and I am feeling playful again, even though I need to go to bed soon:)

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