Thursday, March 1, 2007


(11:01 PM) Well, last night was terrible. I had a series of very scary nightmares, one of which I got shot in the stomach in and was seeking help. I woke up totally out of it, and my stomach felt like it had rocks in it still. So I'm not surprised I was feeling intense pain there in the dream. I woke up pretty freaked out. I got up around nine am and my eyes were totally bloodshot and very sore from napping w/ my contacts in. I still felt full of rocks in the morning. YUCK! I ate a couple of oranges sometime after noon. I had a glass of coconut water with green powder in the afternoon and around 4 I think I had my usual wonderful salad. I was a little reluctant to eat something because of my funny tummy, but I did and was fine. About an hour later I had 16 oz of chocolate almond milk. Then at night, maybe 8:30, I had another orange, 5 triple seed crackers w/ cilantro dip, and a mixture of 1 Tablespoon of almond butter/1 t honey/1 t cacao nibs. Then I also had about 12 oz of sweet caffeinated tea. I'm feeling good right now, though. I had a BM around 4 or 5. Medium size. Pretty solid. But then I had another BM a few hours later: medium amount, but not so solid. Hopefully it was an exorcising BM, removing whatever demon substances that caused me to feel so terrible. I hope tomorrow is much, much better...

Here are pictures of a beautiful yummy salad. Just looking at them makes me feel better:)

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