Thursday, March 29, 2007


Photo: This is the new sign I made for my little business, FUL Foods. What do you think?
(12:19PM) It was an excellent day! I went to bed around 1AM last night (good girl...), woke up at 7 and got up at 8! I felt great almost all day. I had a dip in energy b/t noon and 3. I think it may have been from having a lot of Barleymax and my body doing some inner work afterwards. So at noon I had a large glass of Barleymax/coconut water, then 1/2 hour later an orange and 60 garlic almonds b/c I was feeling terribly hungry and the Bmax drink and orange didn't seem to cut it. At 4 I had 20 oz or so of sweet decaf green tea. Around 6 I ate a large salad and 1 serving of cacao dessert. Then I had another two servings of the cacao stuff around 10 (hee hee hee). Just now I had about 60 more garlic almonds. I feel a little full now, but I wanted those almonds!!!! And they tasted so incredible...

So I am a farmers market vendor selling flavored nut/seed things (pretty much all raw stuff). I am supposed to have labels on all my products for health reasons, but I have been having trouble with my technology, so I haven't been able to make and use them. I found out recently that when vendors are not abiding by all the codes, they receive a post card in the mail as a friendly reminder that it needs to be taken care of. So when I got home this afternoon there were 3 postcards in the mail from them. I was thinking to myself, "uh oh", but then I took a closer look. Apparently, the market staff has been using mystery shoppers to make sure everything is satisfactory. Each postcard that I received was filled out by a mystery shopper who bought my products this past Saturday. Check this out: each of them gave me the highest marks in every category (presentation/taste/quality/overall)! WOW! Yippeeee!! I got some nice compliments in the comment sections from each of them, too:) It made me feel SO GOOD! Of course, I'm still gonna have those labels soon, hopefully;)
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