Sunday, March 18, 2007

This magic moment!

(Jay's fabulous arugula salad from last weeks raw food potluck -- I keep thinking about it. It was truly incredible!)

(8:21 PM)
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Well, actually that song has nothing to do with this entry, but I like it and the video made me smile so I put it there anyway!

Goodness gracious, what a weekend its been! I got three hours of sleep Friday night. Woke up around 5 and got ready for the market. It was a very magical day! I had a Bmax/coco drink in the morning. I didn't get a chance to eat because I was engaged in so much great conversation at the market. I get so high at the market sometimes. I have a lot of magical exchanges with human beings there. Special and exciting things always seem to happen. I can't really explain it...

I had 4 oranges around 12:45 on the way home. I ate a large salad around 1:30 or 2 w/ 1/2 avocado, pumpkin seeds, and alas, honey mustard dressing (no time to experiment with new dressings, yet). It was still delicious. I had about 5 triple seed crackers w/ Paul's Cilantro Chipotle Fiesta pesto. I can't get that stuff to last more than two days at my house! It is one of my absolute favorite foods right now. I will be so sad when it gets too hot for the cilantro this summer:( If I recall correctly, I think a little afterwards I also fixed a serving or two of cacao nibs/honey/cashew butter. I also drank 16 oz or so of honey-sweetened herbal tea at some point. Around 6 I felt exhausted so I laid down. I must have really needed some sleep because, with a small exception, I more or less slept until noon today. WOW! That totals 18 hours!!!!! I must have also been physically tired from all that yard work the day before. I feel great now. Since I've been working my fanny off in the kitchen this week, I was a little caught up with things so I spent a lot of time on myself today: a little correspondence on the computer and some more work out in the yard. I did a lot of smiling to myself while I was outside working. I am excited about so many things right now. I brought the CD player with me outside and played my favorite Innocence Mission tunes while I was out there digging in the dirt. I love the songs of The Innocence Mission. I always feel full of peace and joy and life when I listen to them. They sing a lot about the birds and flowers. I like that. Plus, I think the singer, Karen Peris, is absolutely beautiful. There are pictures of her here on The Innocence Mission website. This is a really nice photo of her that I like: Karen Peris

Next week is the vegan potluck and its going to be outdoors on a lot of acreage near a pond this time. How lovely! I'm so much looking forward to it! I think I will make a great big beautiful green salad.

Today I fixed a Bmax/coco drink around 12:30 and then a large salad around 2. At 4:30 I had two servings of cashew butter/honey/cacao nibs and then at 8, I had 5 triple seed crackers with the rest of Paul's pesto from heaven.

BMs: Had one yesterday after my afternoon salad - medium amount. Had one large one around (strangely) 1 am when I woke up for a short bit to take out my contacts. Had one sizable one after my bmax/coco drink and then another pretty large one sometime in the afternoon. All these BMs...I guess since I rested for so long, my body was able to do a lot of cleaning...These last several weeks it feels like my waist and hips are getting a little bit smaller. I don't know if its true or not, its just a hunch. And my skin looks good. I've also felt a LOT of energy lately. Which is good, I need it if I want to follow through with all my garden visions:)

Now that the sun has set, I will be getting back to my kitchen duties shortly.

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