Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And Then We Went Home: The Afterglow

A few weekends ago, I went to the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona. It was my second raw spirit festival. I barely took any photos, but I did take a few and they are mostly of Suki Zoe. I couldn't help myself as she is such a captivating and beautiful person. I thought it would also be okay to take photos of her since she took all the photos of everyone else (here and here). At the festival, I ran into a lovely couple who have the same last name as me. This delighted me because I don't know anyone else with my last name (aside from family members). I felt an undeniable instant connection with them and would be surprised if we didn't share any ancestry.

Me and the other Herberts

Here are photos of some of my favorite presenters at this year's festival:

Lydia of Lydia's Organics:

The Wild Women's Panel:
(Heather Salmon, Katrina Blair, Kerry Dancing Butterfly, Happy Oasis)

Terces and Matthew Engelhart of Cafe Gratitude:

Shea and Suki:

These are yellow flowers that I woke up to in the morning:

This was some natural art at the festival:

And, as promised, some shots of Mademoiselle Suki Z.

Here we are together:

And here we are joined by the hauntingly beautiful and inspirational G-O-D-D-E-S-S (!!!) Katrina Rainoshek:

Kooky Beauties are we.

Last of all, here is a little something I wrote the morning after I got back home:

"It's Tuesday morning. We are getting our first crisp, promising hints of fall here in Birmingham, AL. My mind is so deliriously satisfied and cozy. Yes. Cozy mind. I'm reveling in a delicious state of Cozy Mind right now where my thoughts keep delighting me from moment to moment and I feel so satisfied and excited at the same time...welcoming in all the magic as the familiar friend it is becoming. "Hello, Magic! There you are again! Of course."

Everything feels perfect. All the guys I have crushes on are my boyfriend in some way. All the people I am attracted to are attracted to me back. All the people I love, love me too. Even the ones who don't know I exist. Even the one who think they don't love me, though I am not even sure they exist. Most importantly, I feel happy with myself. I feel beautiful beyond description and surprised and delighted at my perfection. Even the weather is whispering it to me. The weather. My Lover. Our relationship is my example to you of True Love. It is tumultuous at times, not always romantic but sometimes hopelessly so, sensuously stimulating, infinitely beautiful and insanely passionate, but best of all - everlasting. Loving me to the end of time. And always there. So what about soul mates and love at first sight? Now you know. Its all true. We were destined for each other and nothing can keep us apart.

I went to the raw spirit festival this weekend and it was good. I got to meet, watch, admire and soak up the presence of many amazing people and I feel that only now that I am back home is it starting to affect me powerfully. Only now is the experience really starting to and sink in. While I was at the festival, I just felt sort of normal. All sorts of magical things happened, but I knew they were going to, so it didn't surprise me. I saw all sorts of beautiful and amazing people there, but I knew I would, so that didn't' surprise me either. I even felt inspired and touched by many experiences I had, but I had expected that also. So now that I am back home, I have begun to experience the greatest part of it all: ahhhhhhh yes! This is the way things are now. This is the way life is becoming now - more and more incredible and I get to just settle in and enjoy the ride. "Hello, Magic! Good to see you again, as always. And yes. I think there is enough room at mom's place for you to move in with us."

Yes, I am corny and deliriously romantic at times, but its fun that way.