Monday, March 12, 2007


(11:15PM) CHEERS!!! I am toasting to a special event. Tonight is most likely a very usual Monday night for most, but for me, it is a special occasion: I have decided tonight I will go public with my blog. Well, after quite a while of not having them, I have butterflies in my stomach again:) I am VERY NERVOUS!!!!

I suppose this is a good spot for a small introduction: I have recently been inspired by several people with blogs to create my own. I am in a state of transitioning to raw foods and it is a very important part of my life now. The main goal of this blog is to document that transition. I hope to keep a log of the foods I am eating, my sleeping patterns, some descriptions of my bowel movements (this part is a little scary/embarrassing for me to disclose, but I feel that it is an important thing for me to pay attention to), the activities I am engaging in, and some of my thoughts and feelings. The address for this blog is The 'FUL' in 'FULfillingmyself' represents my personal motto of "Filling Up on Life". Also, the name of my small business of selling raw foods at the farmers market is "FUL Foods". Everything seems to tie together because I began the business partly as a tool for myself to explore raw foods further. Since I eat a lot of the foods I make for the market and this blog keeps a record of those things that I am eating, there is an added significance to the address of this blog: I am filling myself with FUL Foods:)

And here we go: Today I woke up around 9 and got up around 10:15. Lately, I have begun to feel very strong feelings and urges to get more serious about growing (or trying to grow) some of my own food. I know almost nothing about gardening in general, let alone organic/sustainable methods. But I am forging ahead anyway. People in the know around here seem to be saying that now is the THE TIME TO PLANT in southern Louisiana. It gets so hot so quickly and I want to do my best to stay on top of the ball. So this past week, and today especially, I have been digging up some sections of the backyard. It has been a lot of fun so far. I am proud because I got a lot of things in the ground today: three kinds of herbs, two kinds of tomatoes, some bell peppers, and some cucumber. I have a few things out in the front yard growing already, and I planted a few herbs last week. I also tried sowing some seeds a few days ago, so I am watching them carefully to see how it goes. I have almost no experience with sowing seeds directly into the ground. Here are a few pictures:

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Around noon I had Barleymax/coconut water. Then a little later I had two oranges. Around 2 I had the delicious cucumber/arugula/purple onion salad leftover from yesterday's potluck. Around 4 I had a large salad of mixed greens with 1/3 avocado, 1/8 c soaked pumpkin seeds, and a honey/creole mustard dressing. I also had about 7 or so carrot slivers with the coconut dip leftover from yesterday. Maybe 30 minutes later I had 8 oz. of chocolate almond milk and then a serving of cashew butter/cacao/honey. Around 8:30 I had broccoli w/ coconut dip, and then a little later about 1 T of ground up cacao nibs with a little hemp seed oil and 1/2 t honey. I also had about 16 oz of sweet herbal tea throughout the evening. I had a very good day food/energy wise. No tummy troubles, high energy levels, in a very good mood all day, feeling pretty excellent overall. Three large BMs today, the first one being the most solid and the last one being pretty soft. OK, time to finish up work in the kitchen!!!!!

Yesterday was the raw food potluck! It was small, but quite special and intimate. I will try and post some pictures from the potluck very soon.

I had a Bmax/coconut water drink sometime in the morning and then held off my appetite for the potluck goodies. I had some, cucumber salad, mixed green salad, arugula salad, a little coconut dip with carrot slices, 2 carob/pumpkin seed concoctions (more on those later) and probably 12-13 date/nut balls. I had about 5 date/nut balls at the potluck - they were delicious - and I took about 8 of them home. Alas, I ate them all shortly after I got home and was pretty full for the rest of the evening.

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