Friday, March 2, 2007

This is bathing suit weather, baby!

(11:26 PM) Went to bed around 2, but woke up refreshed around 8. Got up at 8. Had a solid, narrow BM of medium amount. I ate three oranges throughout the morning and had my usual salad around 3. I had a pumpkin seed/cacao/honey/almond butter dessert. Around 6:30 I had 7 triple seed crackers with Nur's leeks and 2 servings of the above mentioned desserts. I also had at least 24 oz of sweet tea, some w/ caffeine, some w/o. I had a 2nd BM in the early evening. Nothing notable. My tummy just started to hurt a bit. I haven't had any food or drink for a few hours, but nonetheless, its feeling weird.

I had a super day. I took pics of myself outside eating salad. I also put some baby herbs in the ground. The sky was gorgeous all day long.

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