Friday, March 9, 2007

Taking a load off :) :) :)

(11:41 AM) Get a load of this: I had 4 BMs within the last three hours! All very, very sizable. I must have lost a pound or more:) FOUR!!!!! Holy camole. I feel GREAT, too. Very energized and I have that tingling sensation in my tummy/intestines that feels like its cleaning itself out. It's not like I ate that much yesterday either. Actually I felt like I ate a little bit less than usual.

(4:06 PM) It's been an adventurous day so far. I drank my Barleymax and coconut water. This time I used two servings of Bmax. I did some sunbathing b/t 10:30 and 11:30 and then I packed up to go for an outing to Whole Foods for some celery and buckwheat. I live on the Westbank side of the Mississippi River and to get across the river here, you must drive since bikes are not allowed on the bridge and it would be a suicide mission to try and bike over the Huey P. Long bridge anyway. The problem is, most everything is on the other side of the river (the Eastbank side). So I decided to put my bike in the car, drive over the bridge, park and then bike to Whole Foods, the only place in town where you can get organic celery, which I use in the garlic curry dip I make for the market. They were doing all kinds of construction on the bridge so I got to daydream and sing out loud as we all crept slowly over it. That was fun. I took a bunch of pictures, too. There was this one group of about 10 construction worker guys all leaning over the railing together and chatting and I tried to stick my camera out the window and get a picture of them. They liked that a lot! I waved at them and smiled as I drove past. Unfortunately, I am still getting the hang of things and I didn't even get them in the shot. Oh well, I'll try to do better next time. It made me smile and giggle the rest of the way over the bridge. Here are some pictures I took:

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I had a really nice ride to the store. I used my discman for the portion of the ride along the levee and listened to some great dance music. It made me dance on my bike most of the way. That was really fun:) People below in the cars passing by may have enjoyed it, too. I rode back in silence b/c the batteries went out:( I still really enjoyed the ride. I came home and fixed a big salad - the usual, had almost 5 oz of garlic curry dip just eating it with my finger as a dipping stick, and then about 10oz of chocolate almond milk. It tasted delicious, but I think it has been giving me a headache. I have noticed this lately. I think it might be the almonds. Perhaps I need to use a variety of nuts and seeds instead of just almonds to make my milk so I don't get poisons in small amounts. I sat out in the sun and ate and I am really excited because I think I am pretty much ready to go public with this blog. The raw food potluck is this weekend and I can't wait to share some good new food concoctions with everyone. I also have an idea to construct recipe demos using words and photos and putting them online somehow. Maybe using a Bubbleshare album on MySpace. I have a market tomorrow and the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I also have a lot of good new music to dance around to as I work on stuff in the kitchen tonight. I love music and dancing. I'm so glad to have rediscovered this part of myself. I remember singing and dancing a lot as a child.

(8:53PM) Well I had another solid large BM around 5. Something is definitely going on. I don't know if I have ever eliminated this much in one day in my entire life! I'm feeling a little bummed out for some reason. I also still have this headache. I guess my emotions and the headache are related in some way. I wonder if it is from all the time I spent in the sun today. Maybe I didn't get enough liquids in today??? It has been months since I got as much sun as I did today, but still...Another theory is that these headaches are due to the sugars in my diet in the form of honey and agave. Hmmmm....Well, I have a new food decision/observation to share: I think I am going to try and lay off of crackers for a little while. I get the feeling that because they are a dehydrated food, they are a lot harder on my system and maybe that is why I have been feeling so intensely after eating them sometimes. It couldn't hurt. Also, a little while ago I had the idea to try and get more fat intake in a liquid form, that is nut milks and cold-pressed oils, but I am having some doubts about this, too. The thing is, when I drink almond milk, sometimes I feel like the fiber should be there to help me digest it all more properly. Another way of thinking of it is perhaps it is good to get in the nut fiber because then I will have a better sense of how much fat is enough for my body because the fiber will fill me up and tell me. Anyway, I've been feeling better after eating my garlic almonds lately than I have after drinking my chocolate almond milk. So I am going for a more whole-foods approach now. Around 8:30 I had 8 more oz of Bmax/coconut water (hoping it would help my mood and maybe even my headache) and then I had three teaspoons full of soaked pumpkin and sunflower seeds seasoned with a little Bragg's and nutritional yeast. I still feel a little hungry, so if that persists I will eat some oranges or a late night salad.

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