Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Something isn't quite right

(2am) Felt weird this morning. Full from the crackers. Had vivid dreams and my face was puffy again. I got up sometime after 10. Had two good BMs. First was better than the second. I had 12 oz of coconut water w/ 2 servings of Barley max around 11:30. Had 3 oranges around 2:15. Had a salad w/ garlic curry dip as dressing around 4:30. had 3 triple seed crackers w/ pesto. had some dessert around 7:30. Had 24 oz or so of sweet tea. Had 50 garlic almonds, 3 more crackers w/ pesto, 12 oz or so of chocolate milk. Feeling weird. I have a strange feeling in my throat. I need to be OUTSIDE MORE!!!

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