Friday, March 23, 2007

Whooooopeeeeeeee! Tommie Time!

(Photo: Tommie and me at a Tuesday market last year)
(1:51 AM) Boy I am keeping some regular late hours these days. I'm starting to feel slightly nocturnal. So after my last blog entry a couple of nights ago, I still had all this work to do, but was tired and a little hungry. I tried some triple seed crackers with some of Nur's leeks late at night and it tasted so good and right that I ended up eating about 12-13 of them with a container of leeks and then I followed that up with about 20 or so candied walnuts. Uh-oh. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but an hour or so later I felt weird. This weird feeling has stayed with me more or less since then. I woke up Wednesday and felt strange, like my tummy was not happy about the amount of seeds and walnuts I consumed the night before. I don't quite know how to describe the feeling I had because its a bit new to me, but I will try: a tight throat, a slight headache, a stuck tummy - like things aren't digesting. My face was puffy in the morning as it has been before other times when I had over 10 or so crackers. So I took it easy on Wednesday. Sometime after noon, I had a bmax/coco drink and then around 3:30 I ate a very large bowl of marinated greens w/ avocado. Then I tried something new: for dessert, well it wasn't dessert, but it felt so decadent like a dessert, I took 1/2 avocado and mixed it with some more of Nur's leeks. It was incredible. But I must have eaten too much or too quickly, because I started to feel weird again. Headachey, closed throat and a stuck tummy. This feeling lasted for the rest of the evening. I still felt it when I went to bed around 2:30. The good news is I woke up feeling better this morning. I got up around 10 or 10:30. I was still feeling somewhat odd and afraid of the feelings I had had the day before, so I didn't eat until 1. I had a couple of oranges and was feeling fine. At one o clock I had a reunion date in the park with my dear super special friend Tommie. I had the best time. I LOVE being with Tommie. Tommie and I used to be market neighbors at the Tuesday market until she had to stop coming to that market for various reasons. Man did we used to have some serious fun sharing green smoothies and kombucha. I miss her so much all the time and I rarely get to see her anymore. She lives about two hours away, is a sprout farmer and is also transitioning to raw food. She is so incredible and positive and full of joy and goodness. It really is a treat to be in her presence. We had a wonderful time catching up. She brought all these delicious raw goodies. I missed my camera so much today. I wanted to take pictures of her in her beautiful cotton dress and all her yummy raw creations to share with you on this blog. I tasted a little of everything, but I was starting to feel weird again, like my body was saying "don't eat food!", so I didn't eat very much, but here's the strange thing: the weird feelings did return. They have been on and off since then. I ate the most wonderful salad in the world today around 5:30: my homegrown lettuce picked just minutes before, Tommie's fresh pea and sunflower shoots, 1/2 avocado, 1/8 cup soaked pumpkin seeds and honey mustard dressing. By the way, the honey in the dressing is raw honey from my friend Jay, the beekeeper. Let me tell you, I was still so high from spending time with Tommie, and then that salad was so full of flavor and love from me, Tommie, and Jay that it sent me straight to cloud 9. Over the top. After the salad I had 5 oz of raw spinach dip from Tommie and then I finished it off with 1 serving of cashew butter/cacao/honey. Unfortunately, the weird feelings returned again soon after eating. Around 9 or 10 I drank a little sweet herbal tea. Then around midnight I had 20 sprouted chili almonds from Tommie and a watered down glass of chocolate brazil nut milk, hoping it might help me feel better. It did actually. I felt unstuck and energized for at least an hour, but now I am feeling weirdness all over again. Sigh. What to do, what to do...I don't quite understand. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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