Friday, March 23, 2007

The Greenest Green

Photo: Lenny and I looking cool in green
(10:46PM) My good friend Jay the beekeeper recently told me something fascinating about the springtime when I commented on how all the greens in the grasses and trees seemed to be glowing so intensely. He told me that leaves act as disposal systems for plants. Many of the toxins and impurities that a plant absorbs are sent into the leaves so that they may then be disposed of eventually when the leaves fall or are released by the tree. This means that the leaves are at their purest and greenest in the spring. How nice! I didn't realize the greens were actually brighter right now than they will be in a few months. This knowledge has helped me to deepen my appreciation for the way things look right now.

Lenny and I are going to create music together. He will play piano and I will sing. We are going to do some jazzy fun stuff! I'm very excited about this new project of mine.

I have been feeling much, much better today. Almost back to normal. Last night I went to bed late, around 4 am. But right before I went to bed, I got the munchies and had 35 garlic almonds,a little bit of pesto and a few stalks of broccoli w/ coconut/cumin dip. It tasted really good, even that late at night. I woke up around 10:30. At 1 I had a couple of oranges. At 3:30 I had another orange. Around 5 I had a spinach salad with 1/2 avocado, 1/8 cup pumpkin seeds, and honey mustard dressing. Then I had 5 oz of raw spinach dip from Tommie. Then a few bites of rehydrated seaweed salad from Tommie. I finished this off with a serving of my regular cashew/cacao/honey dessert. A few hours later I had 2 more servings of this oh-so-delicious dessert concoction that I'm really growing fond of. That's about it so far.

Speaking of greenery, here are some pictures of my homegrown greens:

And here is a photo of the big garden I have been working on. I now have four rows planted and need to do three more:

I have a camera again. I'm really really glad about this. All in all I had a great day. Lots of smiling and some singing, too. I'm still singing. I feel giggly from all the cacao I've had:) I had a lot to take care of today, but this weekend should be really fun and relaxing.


Gena said...

That's it Audry, you're my new best friend! I sing too! As always, your food descriptions always sound so yummy!

Audry said...

I LOVE to sing! And I've been doing so darn much of lately. I feel like my voice sounds better since my diet has improved. This could be all in my head, or maybe its just part of all my cells getting into tip-top performing shape;)
Gena: You are my new best friend, too!!!

Lisa said...

Texas looks unnaturally bright green in the spring when there has been a lot of rain. I'm so used to the duller green of drought and late summer.

Audry said...

Hi Lisa,
"unnaturally bright green" eh? Sounds nice....