Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Learning as I go along

(10:49 AM) Whew, lots going on in my head today so far. Lets see, I went to bed a little after 2 am. I woke up around 7:45 and got up around 9:45. Sometime after nine I had a small BM that got me out of bed again. It was small, long and narrow. I was surprised that it was so small. But just a few minutes later, I got out of bed for another BM and this one was of regular width, very solid, and very large in amount. I was excited about that! Its been at least a few days since I had such a large BM. I love getting rid of stuff thats been building up. I'm am puzzled, though.

(11:43 PM) Around noon I had two oranges and then 8 oz or so of chocolate milk. I felt weird after that. I also had about 8 candied walnuts. My head felt weird and headachy. I didn't feel energized, thats for sure. Then I got low low energy around 3:00 or 3:30, but I had to help out with gardening at the school. When I got home around 5, I was too hungry, so I had a beautiful large salad w/ 1/2 avocado, some hemp oil, 1/8 c soaked pumpkin seeds, and honey mustard dressing. Then I had 5 thick triple seed crackers with Nur's leeks. Then another 1/8 c pumpkin seeds w/ 1 T almond butter, 1 t honey, and some cacao nibs followed by an 8 oz glass of chocolate milk. This made me very full. I still had a few sips of sweet tea and 1/4 cup of halvah w/ honey on top after this. So by 7:00/7:30 I was uncomfortably full and needed to lie down. I got up around 11, still full. I gotta really work on eating throughout the day. Perhaps I will try to have my salads earlier. On days I work at the school garden, I will try to skip my fruit breakfast and eat a small salad just before noon. I am trying to drink a lot of water right now to help with the digestion. Well, I'm certainly learning as I go along here...Note: had a small BM around 11.

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