Thursday, February 15, 2007

Getting wild

I had a beautiful afternoon behind the levee. I took a lot of pictures and had a nice time by the river. I actually came home a bit, and then went back out for another hour and a half to catch the sunset and do a little dreaming. I came home and ate:

-medium salad with 1/2 avocado and Italian vinegarette
-maybe 6 or 7 triple seed crackers with cilantro dip
- about 1/2 cup of halvah (this was perhaps a mistake, I would have liked to have had some tea with honey for dessert, but had no time for tea so I had dessert instead. I still feel full from the halvah and it is about three hours later)

I had no time for tea because (dah dah-dah dah dah dah) : I went to a parade!!!!! I forgot how much I liked them. It was Krewe of Muses ( . Being there made me really feel like I wanted to be a part of the action. I felt like my wild side was just itching to come out and it was torture. Maybe I will try to march in the parade next year. I've also had the urge lately to do some serious dancing. I was really attracted to the swing dancing when I saw people doing it in the park the other day. Tonight I got the idea to try out 80s night again. I really do like 80s night, I just get too darn shy sometimes. I'm getting tired of being shy. I really feel like being a little wild. Maybe I will go to this Mardi Gras ball tomorrow night after all. And maybe I will go to the St. Anne's parade next Tuesday. I even have the urge to go listen to some music.

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