Saturday, February 24, 2007


(past midnight) Today has been a strange, but wonderful day. I felt like I got so many great gifts today. I had a good market day and it seemed like lots of special things happened. One of them was that I got all these gifts at the market, things I don't normally get, too like flowers, mushrooms, bread, organic local salad mix (WHOOPEE!!! -real excited about that one-)...then when I got home, there was the biggest, most beautiful box of oranges I've ever seen. They are my favorite special oranges, of course, which makes it twice as nice:) With them, I also got a love letter. That was really, really nice. I also got to spend time with a special new friend after the market today. I was moved several times during our conversation. By the afternoontime when I got home, I was having pretty strong feelings of gratefulness. I realized how amazingly lucky I am for the incredible people that are in my life. I am blessed to be in contact with and connect so deeply with such special beings.

FOOD & SLEEP: I ate 3 oranges, around 5 I finally had a large green salad w/ 1/8 cup of soaked pumpkin seeds 2/3 avocado, honey/mustard dressing, then I had 3 triple seed crackers with Paul's pesto and an 8 oz glass of chocolate coffee milk. I was pretty hungry since I ate so late so I was eating pretty quickly. Perhaps I shouldn't have had the chocolate milk so soon after the salad, I don't know. I layed down around 6:30 or seven and ended up napping until 11 or so. It is 12:20 AM now and my tummy still feels a little nauseous and full. I didn't even eat as much food today as I did yesterday. Oh, I ate another additional 30 or so garlic almonds around 10 last night. I felt full in a way, but still light and completely super duper energized all last night. It was great.

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