Monday, February 5, 2007


I am 26 years old and am in a state of transition. I am cleaning up my mind and my diet and I am using raw foods as a tool. I have recently been inspired by several folks with blogs to create my own blog in which I will try to accurately log my eating and sleeping patterns. I am also looking forward to sharing my own feelings and thoughts on this blog. So here we go:

(12:50pm) Today is turning out to be quite lovely. So far today I have eaten:

- two wonderful oranges
- a good sized green salad with a flax seed oil vinegarette, 1/2 avocado, and 1/4 cup my garlic & herb pumpkin/sunflower seed mix
- 8oz. chocolate coffee drink

I ate everything outside in the backyard because it is so nice out today. I sent off my very first mail order today - 4 lbs of stuff, off to Massachusetts! While I was outside, I had a garden vision. I want to plant lots of things in the backyard.

(5:55) I had some very exciting brainstorming activity in my brain this afternoon over lots of new ideas I've been having. For a snack this afternoon I ate about 5 small squares of raw fudge with raw chocolate sauce. Later on I had a container of Nur's leeks with about 7-10 crackers and then another 8 oz chocolate coffee (this one decaf). The carport is looking good. I did some gardening this afternoon (yipeee!). Hopefully the rosemary starters I put in the ground from Laughing Buddha Nursery will love what I have done with them.

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