Monday, February 26, 2007

In between time

(11:23 AM) I went to bed around 11:3o and woke up around 7. I didn't get out of bed until just before 8, but I felt pretty awake the whole time I was lying there. I like lying in bed after I wake up. I'm used to getting up right when I wake up. So much goes through my mind during this in between time, including dreams and new ideas. Its also makes me feel really well rested. Plus, it feels so physically pleasing to cuddle up with myself during that time of half-awake, half-asleep. I can feel and touch my body using my hands and fingers, stretch a little, and snuggle up to my pillow, the sheets and my own body and it feels so nice. Actually, I got out of bed a little after seven for a BM!!! That's another thing that has been happening to me lately. I've never done that before, but its happened several times now. It was a medium amount, long and narrow, but pretty solid. And yet another observation, usually my BMs are stout and wide, but lately they have gotten long and narrow. Go figure. I ate two oranges around 11 and just now I had another solid BM of kind of a small amount. I'm puzzled by the timing and amount of this one.

(12:48AM) I totally have a market tomorrow and should not be up this late, but here I am wide awake. I didn't have any more BMs today. I had a 16 oz. glass of sweet tea and then around 3 I ate a large salad w/ 3/4 avocado, hemp oil, 1/8 c pumpkin seeds and honey/mustard dressing. Then I had 5 triple seed crackers w/ the rest of Paul's Pesto and some of my own cilantro dip. Around 6 I had another 16 oz glass of sweet tea and at 8 I had 5/6 more crackers with Nur's leeks and 20 garlic almonds. I also had a cacao brownie w/ 1 t almond butter, 1 t honey and some cacao nibs sprinkled on top. Then feeling a little mucussy, so lots of water. Maybe I just had too much caffeine today in the form of tea and cacao?

Paw-paw and I went to the park today. We had a nice time. There were so many animals out: chickens, ducks, birds, turtles, alligators (just kidding....)

Yesterday and today my legs have been sore. From dancing, I guess. My intestines are feeling better today:)

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