Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dancing dreams come true ~

(1:40 pm) Today is the 17th. I wanted to mention that late on the evening of the 15th, I had two cacao brownies with agave chocolate sauce. Then I went to be early shortly after 10. (!) Yesterday I got up around 9. I ate:

three oranges - it was late, maybe around 2 o clock
4 almond/flax crackers w/ Paul's heavenly pesto around 3:30
a large salad w/ some avocado and soaked seeds, Italian dressing - around 6:30
12 oz. chocolate coffee drink around 7

I went out and danced my fanny off last night!!! It was exactly what I had been wanting to do! A friend of mine grabbed me and got me to waltz! And it was so much fun. The bands were totally fantastic. It was perfect. I got home around 1:35 and was hungry again, so I had 7-8 triple seed crackers with some cilantro dip. Then I had a 12 oz. glass of chocolate milk:) It tasted incredible.


I got up around 11. I ate a couple of oranges and just finished off a really tasty large salad of mixed greens w/ 2/3 avocado and a honey/mustard/garlic vinegarette that I made. I've been really hungry lately, but its nice to have so much hunger. It makes eating so extremely pleasurable.

I've been singing and dancing up a storm over here at the house the last few days. I've been feeling deeply spiritual lately, also. Its been so wonderful. I want to always feel this. I want to always live this way: trusting myself, taking good care of myself through food, being outdoors as much as possible, and listening to my heart.

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