Sunday, February 25, 2007


(10:50 AM) Yesterday after my nap, I was up around 11 or midnight and stayed up until three. Most of the time I was just daydreaming (or nightdreaming) and alas, dancing again!!!! I went outside to get something out of the car and it was so beautiful that I put on my tennis shoes, got my walkman and spent a couple of hours out in the backyard dancing. I'm so totally addicted now. It feels so freakin good! I got the idea to make a video of some of my freestyle dancing and post it online just to make people laugh. I even got to dance in the rain a little. I took some good pictures of it all. I woke up around 9:45.

I have decided to include limited details about my bowel movements on this blog. So yesterday I had two BMs. The first one was in the morning shortly upon arising. Very nice and solid. The second one was after my nap in the late evening, it was not too solid, but not too unsolid either. My tummy is back to being a little queasy this morning. Again, upon arising, I had a very nice BM. I don't think it was my big meal from yesterday, though. That interests me. I guess it is primarily the three oranges I ate throughout the day??? So I am expecting another BM later on today...

Lately, I've felt really free. Like I don't care what anyone thinks. I love it. It's helped me to do some things I don't normally do and break out of my comfort zone a little and its been loads of fun so far.

(11:02PM) (me and Erin goofing off) Tonight was the vegan potluck and I didn't eat anything. I wasn't too tempted to, either. That was nice. I had two oranges sometime after noon. Then around two, I had 10 almond/flax crackers with Nur's leeks and a 10 oz glass of chocolate milk right afterwards. I really didn't feel like having my salad yet, since my bowels felt like they still had a lot of liquidy roughage. They were rumbling a bit this morning. I was craving something heavier and drier, something with not so much liquid to it as a salad. The crackers didn't feel like rocks digesting like the last few times, but I did get a little bloated for most of the afternoon and evening. That wasn't so great. I thought I would have a lot of gas, but it didn't seem like that much. My stomach just got poofy, I had a bit of gas, and then around 9 or 10, my tummy seemed back to normal. I wasn't even hungry during the potluck because of this bloated/indigestion feeling. I did enjoy about 32 oz of very sweet tea between 2 and 9. Around 9 or 10 I had 60 garlic almonds since I still wasn't craving salad. I didn't feel heavy and full afterwards, I actually felt a lot better. One thing I did notice was that my mouth wasn't salivating with hunger when I ate them. They tasted pleasant, but it wasn't the same as some other times when I've eaten almonds and they tasted out of sight because I was so deeply hungry. I was still wanting something, perhaps just mentally, so I helped myself to a T of cacao nibs mixed with a T of almond butter and 1 t of honey. I became aware of a lot of mucus build up in my throat as I was eating that. So I've just been drinking lots of water since then to clear that feeling. I did have a second BM around maybe 8:30. It wasn't a whole lot of stool, but it was to my surprise, fairly solid. It still seems like it should have been more, though, considering I mainly had that one large meal yesterday. Ah, the mysteries of our bodies...

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