Sunday, April 8, 2007

So what the heck am I doing ya'll?

If you know me, you might be wondering that about me right now:)

(Photo: check out this guy! He was wiggling his tail a lot.)

Hello! So the big news in my life is that I am taking a break from my station at the farmers market. I have decided to do this for various reasons, some of the main ones being:

(1) R & R - believe it or not, the market gig is a LOT of work
(2) I want to focus my attention on some other projects that I have begun to get involved with such as growing my own food in the yard here, foraging for food locally, exploring my musical side, and driving my car less.
(3) I want to develop my relationship with nature more. I feel this urge very strongly right now.
(4) I want to stop and take some long, deep looks at what I'm doing with my life. I feel ready for some major soul-searching.

Today I ate:
5 small oranges
1 large salad w/ 1/3 avocado, 1/8 c soaked pumpkin seeds, lemon/garlic/cumin/flax oil dressing
2 cacao desserts
18 small dates w/ 3 T cashew butter
40 garlic almonds
16 oz honey sweetened tea
3 squares of Empowered Foods raw cacao candy bar (thank you, Alex! You know the way to a raw girl's heart!)
2 T cacao ground/2 T Raw Power Protein powder/ 2 t goji berries/ 1 1/2 t agave nectar/dash water

4 oranges
1 large salad 2/3 avo, 1/8c pumpkin seeds
2 servings of cacao
16-20 oz sweet tea
1 carrot w/ 3-4 oz pesto
10 small dates w/ 2 T cashew butter

Day before yesterday:
1 coconut/barleymax
1 orange
4 squares of Empowered Foods raw cacao candy bar
2 servings of cacao dessert
1 large salad w/ 1/2 avo, 1/8 c pumpkin
1 serving cacao dessert
8-9 oz pesto

So I've been experimenting with cacao. I've also been staying away from crackers. They began to feel so stuck and heavy when I ate them, that I decided to try and take a break from them. I didn't want to promise myself I wouldn't eat any because that usually guarantees that I will. But I have not been tempted to eat any lately. Its been rather easy since every time I think of eating some, I remember how they've been making me feel lately. I have noticed that I need to be careful and pay attention with the dates and cashews.

I have had a little over a week off from all of my market work and I've really been enjoying not having to do ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF DISHES!!!! In fact, I went on a little hiatus from doing the dishes and I actually let them pile up quite a bit (hee hee hee)! It feels great to sneak away from dish duties for a little while:) Its been months now since I cracked open any of my raw food recipe books because I've gotten so tired of being in the kitchen lately. I'm really excited to start playing with raw food recipes again! I'm looking forward to playing with salad dressing, pesto, and cacao recipes!

I am working on a new garden bed. I hope to put in tons of basil, a good bit of purselane, a bit of arugula, and maybe some more tomatoes if its not too late! Maybe zucchini, too. And I want to give a shot at growing some cantaloupe and watermelon.

I'm looking forward to blogging about my gardening and foraging adventures!!!!!

Yours truly


micha mae said...

awesome!!! love to see that smile!!!
mmmmmmmmm cantalope. can't wait to hear about your gardening adventures.

Anonymous said...

plant those extra tomatoes in

Anonymous said...

that was me up there,

Audry said...

Micha and Kier,
I LOVE you guys!!!!! It makes me SO HAPPY to get comments! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Extra tomatoes...check:)