Thursday, April 5, 2007

In my mind, I am at the beach.... ;)

Photos: Plumeria in the Corpus Christi botanical gardens
(8:42 AM) mmmmmmmm....I love plumeria! I'm running out of recent pictures, so here are a few from a very special trip I took in the summer of '04 right after I graduated college. Yesterday I ate: 3 oranges, 1 large bowl of marinated greens w/ 1/2 avo and 1/8 c pumpkin seeds, 2 servings of cacao dessert, 5 dates w/ 1 Tbs cashew butter, 70 garlic almonds, 20 oz or so of sweet decaf green tea, 2 carrots with 3-4 oz of pesto, 8 oz of watered down choc. almond milk, and 10 dates with about 1/2 cup (maybe less, actually) cashews. This is almost what I ate day before yesterday, but I felt totally GREAT foodwise yesterday. Very energized, very elated. BM update: I love my BMs. I've never had BMs this consistently good before in my life!

Yesterday the clover were beheaded when my (very goodhearted) neighbor cut the grass:( It always makes me sad. I really like the clover flowers in the backyard. And then the bees don't have a reason to hang out except for when I am eating my colorful oranges. They get curious about my oranges. Can bees use orange juice? I have not driven my car for quite a few days now and its GRRRRREAT!!! I don't want to get back in that thing, but I will today anyway to take care of some business. I've also enjoyed sleeping outside in my sleeping bag for the last couple of nights.

I have some big news for everyone, but I cannot reveal it quite yet:) It is coming soon, though...
Stay tuned!!!

Yours truly,

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