Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gut reaction

(11:31PM) ahye yahye yahye...or however you spell it...I've got tummy troubles. For the last 24 hours or so I have had major digestive issues. My tummy is poofy with air and pain and I have experienced some other unpleasantries that I don't care to discuss at this moment. I can't quite make sense of it, and I thought it would go away as the day wore on. Here is what I have been eating:

Today I had 1 Coco/Bmax drink, blackberry/banana smoothie, 2 carrots with 6 oz of cilantro dip, 13 almond crackers with a couple of ounces of cilantro dip and 24 oz or so of sweet tea. I also fixed a concoction of 2 t coconut oil, 2 t spirunlina, and 4 t bee pollen as an attempt at medicating myself. Yesterday I had 1 coco/Bmax drink, Tommie's leftover mung bean & spinach salad, my large usual salad (which I am very tired of now, BTW), about a cup and a half of almonds throughout the day w/ agave nectar and vanilla to season, 1 cup of arame seaweed salad, and a few stalks of celery w/ coconut/cumin dip. Sunday was the raw food potluck! All the food was incredible. I haven't eaten so many yummy things possibly ever. I mainly had large multiple servings of sumptuous, flavorful salads: Chester's green juice, Tommie's salad, Jay's salad, Dave's salad, and Kier's spinach dip:

I also had about 6 squares (and then some) of my new favorite dessert: vanilla almond fudge!

I want to write more, but I think I will take that opportunity tomorrow when I post all the new pictures. I'm ready to go lie down for now...

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