Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ode to Oranges

(photo: local oranges that taste much better than the ones in the store, markings and all)

Good evening! Today the weather was beautiful! Perfect. Sunny and breezy. I spent most of the day outside. A little of this, a little of that: cleaning, sunbathing, writing down goals, gardening, walking, stretching, composing poems and ....(drumroll) I played VIOLIN!!! Hallelujah! My old violin, it turns out, was right here at the house in my brothers closet! And I'm having so much fun with it!!!!!! It feels so good to play again! My posture could use some work, but I am picking up my old songs pretty quickly. I am terribly excited about this violin situation.

Last night I played violin until 1AM and decided I needed to go to bed. I was wide awake and a little hungry an hour later, so I fixed a snack: 4 Tbs ground cashews, 2 T ground coconut, a dash of coconut oil and some honey. I woke up around 9 and fixed a Coco/Bmax around 11:30 or noon. I ate 5 oranges throughout the afternoon, a large usual salad around 4:30, 2 cacao desserts, some sweet tea and around 9 PM bee pollen/cashew/spirulina/honey concoction. I was feeling so good this afternoon and appreciating the oranges so much, that I decided to write an Ode to them. If I wrote music, I would compose a song for them, but for now, I just have this poem:

Ode to Oranges

Dear Orange,
I like to look at you
You are so pretty and bright
You glow from the inside out
You look especially nice
when I hold you up to the light

You are very polite
and easy to be with in public
You are adventurous, too!
You'll go anywhere with me -
Oh Rolly-Polly,
They even named a color after you :)

You taste wonderful
Even when there is garlic on my fingers.
You are very generous
You feed me
A zillion times over
You are nice to hold
You fit perfectly in my hands
We make a good match ;)
You hold all the secrets of the universe
My yard is full of your skin.



Anonymous said...

i love that poem!

Audry said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you, I feel really strongly about it myself and was sad when no one commented on it. You put a smile on my face!

micha mae said...

hey girl,

so i was having a not so great day yesterday. right before i left for work i checked up on your blog and read your "ode to oranges" poem, and i have to say it made me smile. and it made me want to eat a bunch oranges, guess i best go to the store.