Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Raw Abundance

The food situation here just keeps getting better and better. Right now we have heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, squash, carrots, blackberries (those are wild and oh my goodness), blueberries, onions, garlic and cucumbers out the wazoo.

We've also got a big patch of kale that I tend to with great care,

lots of fennel, and best of all, organic peaches ripe off of the tree!!!

AND there are all kinds of melons and winter squashes getting ready to ripen up in the giant melon field, the peppers and eggplant are just about ready, various kinds of corn and okra are on the way, etc. etc. And yet, it still gets better. There are some zucchini, cucumbers, and squash that are too big to sell. (aw shucks)

There are a lot of tomatoes and peaches that get a bad spot.

And sometimes we just have plain old extra.

Guess who gets to juice it all up?????

I made some raw pizza for the first time in quite a while. I did a buckwheat/carrot/flax crust, spread some homemade pesto on and topped it with zucchini alfredo and brandywine tomato chunks.

I went to visit my mom this weekend and we went out to the movies a couple of times. We saw Sex and the City and Get Smart. I enjoyed both of them very much. The former reminded me how much I've been missing female company and just feeling girly in general (I've got to devise some ways to feel girly and feminine now that I'm out here on a farm). The latter made me laugh. a LOT.

I found out some wonderful news yesterday morning: Druhmil (from WLIR) is putting together a raw food meetup in Atlanta on July 11th!!! Yay! I get to go hang out with some raw food folks!!!! I am really, really looking forward to this.

David Rainoshek of juicefeasting.com just published an excellent piece on his and Katrina's blog entitled: Where is the Raw/Living Foods Movement Headed? In it he talks about the loving attitude behind the raw foods movement and the shifting emphasis towards growing our own food. It was a great read. Mr. Rainoshek has a way with words.

I would like to add, I believe it is in the interest of both raw foodists and organic farmers to work more together towards our common goal of healthy bodies on a healthy planet. Organic farmers can offer raw foodists places of beauty teaming with life of all sorts, lessons in growing food, opportunities to get exercise and be in the sunshine, and best of all: tons of good food. Raw foodists can offer farmers their energy, cheer, support, enthusiasm, and tons of good recipes!! Do you have any good ideas about how raw fooders and farmers can team up? Let's talk!

Bonus: beautiful wild hydrangea growing in the woods out here:


~Anastazia~ said...

Wow, just found your blog, & soooo wish I could come live in your garden!!! YUM! it all looks soooo delish! i so wish I'd been able to get my garden going this year in time...next year, for sure! (We do have berries, grapes, & plums, though! Yay!)
I've enjoyed reading through your blog, it's really well-written & interesting, & I'll be back!
Love the pictures, by the way!

Audry said...

Hi Anastazia,
I'm glad you are enjoying the blog and pictures. Stop by anytime and visit. Best wishes on your journey.