Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Berry buzz and a bottle bush

Below are some photos of stuff we are growing.

Mystery squash. Simon probably knows what this is, but I do not.



Baby Butternut Suash

Big Butternut

Big Spaghetti Squash

Another mystery something


Reishi mushrooms (is this homegrown superfood?)


Big beautiful shiitake mushrooms!

We picked a whole lotta blueberries yesterday for the CSA bags this week at a nearby U Pick 'Em farm. I said to myself before we began, as I always do, to NOT overdo it on the berries while we were out there picking them. Sometimes this works, but since this was the first picking of the season, alas, I went home with a belly quite full of a blueberries and a good little sugar buzz. There was a beautiful country veggie/flower garden near the house where we picked the berries and I took a few photos to share.

They even had a bottle bush.


Frank said...

Beautiful veggies. That is a massive shiitake! Enjoy the bounty and eat the blueberries while you can....I know I would!

shell said...

soooo glad you are back, my sweet. Wish i could join you & your blueberry bounty. I have a tiny little bush that has yielded me 1 berry (which the squirrel got to before i did!) Am planting lots of seeds at the moment, tending to them lovingly and dreaming of the day my garden is half as bountiful as the gardens you tend to!
much love to you, honeydew xxxx