Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting Ready

OK, I am beginning my feast tomorrow. I'm nervous and excited. I'm afraid one of my biggest challenges will be going without tobacco. In December of 2007, I started smoking cigarettes again and have been smoking on just about a daily basis since then. I realize this is not very exemplary of me, however, I wanted to disclose this information for the sake of being honest about my experience. On June 1st I attempted a juice feast and went without cigarettes for the first four days or so. Then I weakened and started smoking again on Day 5, I think it was. Anyway, I was having really terrible issues with low energy and ended up having some food on June 9th, not because I was hungry for it, but because I felt miserable and wanted some energy. I enjoy tobacco and I don't enjoy it. In some ways it gives me much pleasure and in others, it doesn't. So friends, wish me luck because I intend to kiss these cigarettes goodbye. At least for the feast in order to give myself a chance here.

Today I had:
1 qt. apple/fennel/celery/cucumber (this was very refreshing)
3/4 qt. orange/celery/cucumber/beet greens (this had a lot of fruit sugar and made me feel sleepy afterwards)
1 qt. zucchini/garlic/rosemary/oregano/corn (this juice made me feel awesome - very energized)
2 cigarettes
1 long enema session
16 oz chocolate/decaf coffee/pumpkin seed milk
1 T flax oil

I had all liquids today and did the enema, but because I had the chocolate milk and cigarettes, I don't count today as my first feast day. I am 5'6 and 3/4''. I think I weigh around 130 lbs right now (give or take a few), but I can check on that tomorrow. My reasons for embarking on a juice feast are manifold. To name a few:

-I wear prescription glasses and would like to try and improve my vision. I understand this might not happen in three months, but I think a juice feast would help.
-I would like to be more connected and in tune with the world around me.
-I would like to strengthen my spirituality.
-I would like to increase my energy level.
-I would like to see what I am capable of when I am not distracting myself with food/cigarettes.
-I would like to feel happier.
-I would like to see more beauty.
-I would like to do a favor for my body.
-I would like to learn more about how this human body works and functions.
-And I would like to just make a solid attempt at helping myself because I think it is something good I can do for myself and therefore, for everyone/thing.

I am glad I wrote these out so that now I can refer to them when I find myself having a difficult moment.

That is all for tonight.


deaintheraw said...


for energy try coconut oil, spirulina and bee pollen. Actually taste pretty good together but some ppl can't take it. I eat 1 tablespoon of coconut oil first thing in the morning, and I add spirulina to grapefruit juice and I eat a teaspoon of bee pollen, sometimes with honey. These have been helping me immensely w/my juice feast, you are going to have a wonderful experience with this, even when we stumble it helps us grow, atleast this has been my experience. Many blessings xoxo Dea

Audry said...

Hi Dea,

Thank you for the energy tips. You inspired me to try my first spoonful of coconut oil just now. I've never had it straight up like that, but it was pretty enjoyable and I am feeling good. How far along are you on your feast? Thanks for the supportive words. I will raise a toast to you this evening ;)


Suki said...

the smoking will take care of itself when your cells are alkalized.. i smoked a last last year when i fasted & it was lovely :)
although i'm well aware i shouldn't be saying that out loud... ooops! x

tommy said...

awesome read!
glad i found it.
keep it up, bravo!


Frank said...

Enjoy the journey. Good for you and your honesty. Sending love and light and seeds of happiness!!

Audry said...

Suki, your words were soothing. Thank you.

Tommy and Frank, thanks for the good vibes and for cheering me on.