Thursday, July 10, 2008

More FOOD! Look what we got...


Most delicious peaches in the world

Prescott heirloom melon

Inside a Prescott melon




tomatoes forever and ever

Sun Jewel heirloom melon

Inside a Sun Jewel - tastes a little like apple maybe


Merit heirloom corn

Simon packing CSA boxes

CSA box last week.

This weeks CSA box

What will we do with all the leftovers?

marinated eggplant pizza

There was a snake in the hen house and Simon captured and relocated her. We thought it was a rattle snake at first, but there was no rattle. Can anyone identify it? Just curious.

Zinnia bouquet


April said...

looks delicious!

sunbee said...

my boyfriend says its a hognose snake and they have a tendency to play dead when threatened. Its venomous to its prey but wouldnt kill a human. He says its probably after mice and not the eggs or the hens. Although I don't think I'd feel comfortable about leaving it in the hen house. Also, an interesting tidbit...they are illegal to kill in Iowa. He has been teasing me about getting a snake and putting it under the house. At least I think he's teasing. That's the kind of snake he has been talking about. He says its a "barn" snake and every barn should have one.
love your pics and blog!


sunbee said...

just another comment about the snake.
It is believed that hognose snakes are extinct in Alabama and Mississippi. Maybe you could report your find to Wildlife and Fisheries.


Vegannosaurus Rex said...

I'll take some of that leftover corn...

Audry said...

Hi April, thanks.

Hi Sunbee, wow I appreciate all the super informative snake info. I find it very interesting...A hognose, eh?? YEs, I guess we should report it to someone, then. Glad you are enjoying the blog!

Hi Chadd, guess what? There is no more leftover corn. Its all been frozen, dehydrated or juiced by now. We will have more soon, though! Thanks for stopping by.

nerdpanda said...

I think its the rough-scaled Python, google image it, it's very close and a very rare snake to capture.

nerdpanda said...

No I take it back..its the Rough Scaled Sand Boa. The other snake I said was found in Australia, this one is common among the US and looks exactly like it.