Thursday, May 17, 2007

Honesty and Juice

Photos: I am growing some sunflower greens.


YAHHHHHHHHHH! So much is happening right now! Do you feel the same way????

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach this morning! For one thing, Matt (Freakin) Monarch is coming to town tomorrow and I will get to meet him and hear him speak about raw foods to me and my friends here in New Orleans!!!!!!!!! hip hip HOORAYYYYYYYYY! I think it is going to be SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! This feels bigger than Christmas and my birthday put TOGETHER! I am terribly terribly utterly terribly excited...

My friend Alex sells these incredible organic grade A vanilla beans for super cheap. When I called him to place my order, we got to chatting about raw food and he made a comment about the relationship between raw foods and doing what you love. He pointed out that once you get really into raw foods, and this is something he was paraphrasing from David Wolfe I believe, that you can no longer do the things you don't like to do anymore. You just can't. That idea is exactly in line with my own experience of raw foods so far. I would agree with it wholeheartedly! Then I kept thinking and I even want to go a step further and point out something else I believe eating raw has done to me...

I have been getting a lot of awesome feedback lately on my blog (Thank you everyone who is sending me this awesome feedback! It means SO MUCH to me. It really helps keep things going strong.) One of the things that I've noticed that different people seem to be telling me is that they appreciate the honesty I write with. Hmm. I can see why they might say that since I have poured quite a bit of my deepest self out onto this thing - this blog. But here's the thing...the raw food made me do it!!!! (giggle) Well, not really, of course, but actually, sort of:)

The point that I am trying to make here is that raw food has made more honest. And open. And unashamed. I used to hoard tons of food in my room and eat massive amounts of junk food in secret away from family and friends. I would gorge on donuts and poptarts and chips and various milk chocolate things...I would try and hide all this behavior from everyone, though I have a feeling that those closest to me had a feeling about what was going on. I was never bulimic or anorexic, I was just a compulsive eater. My relationship with food and myself has only gotten better since I've embraced raw foods. There have been some difficult moments along the way, but in the big scheme of things, my life has begun to blossom. I have begun to blossom.

I've never been much of a juicer. There are various reasons for that, one of which is simply that I am a big fiber buff. I feel like fiber is a magic broom that helps sweep me clean. Plus, I don't like to waste. Plus I don't have a super juicer, just an el cheapo one. For some strange reason, this past week or so, I have really really REALLY been wanting juice. It started with my cold and feeling sick. I kept reading how people were knocking their colds out with juices. So I made some juice for myself. My cold is now gone. Can I say that my cold went away because I drank juice? No. I can only make observations and continue to pay attention to things. Now my cold is gone, but I still want juice. I can't explain it. Part of the reason is because I feel ready to take things to the next level. Part of the reason is because I finally feel ready to begin a juice journey.
I'm pretty excited to make juicing a normal part of my diet now. Green juice, in particular. I made a huge glass today and I feel like my feet just aren't touching the ground.

I had fun taking some goofy pictures of myself drinking juice.

I have never felt so good before in my entire life. My life keeps getting better and better. It really is amazing.

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shell said...

Hey Audry
i'm vibin' with you....growing sunny greens, drinking green juice, honestly revealing and revelling in the raw journey, feeling's all good! I'm just getting over a cold and have been juicing too. I don't know if juicing can make a cold 'go away,' but i do feel that a cold is the body 'clearing out' and juicing really really helps the body.....i guess because it's so light yet packed with supernutrition. I put my green juice cold-helper recipe on my blog
Love n light, Shell x

Audry said...

Hi Shell,

Thanks for the AWESOME comment!!! I really like your blog, too! I am adding it to my favorites. I look forward to exploring it more:)


Valerie Winters said...

“the raw food made me do it!!!!”

You are so funny. Plus, I love your photos with the glass of green juice. Keep blogging.

Green Smoothie Joy said...

Hi Audry,

I love your "the raw food made me do it" as well. Your sense of humor is refreshing.

Take care,


Philip McCluskey said...

That is a bumper sticker baby... "Raw Food Made Me Do It" I love it...

Yeah, I feel what you are saying. I have gone through a whole life detox with raw food... and left a job of 11 years. You can no longer do what you are not happy with... Your eyes get opened to see new things, priorities.... Happiness and Joy are on the top of the list I can tell you that.

Love and Light,

- Philip Love HugBug