Friday, July 20, 2007

Girls in the Greenhouse - A Real World Summertime Fairytale

According to wikipedia, "Four of the World's ten longest bridges are located entirely within the U.S. state of Louisiana." WOW!!! Being a native gal from Southern Louisiana, I feel swollen with pride when I think about that. I love my beautiful state. Above the colorful city of New Orleans, LA, lies the Great Big Beauty: Lake Pontchartrain (we say "ponch-a-train").

Across this Beautiful Blue Abyss lies the Longest Bridge in the entire world: The Causeway (can you see it in the picture?). And boy do I love the Causeway. If there is such a thing as driving meditation, its the best meditation drive ever!

There is a woman on this planet whom I have the utmost respect, admiration, and love for. To say that I am grateful for her presence in my life doesn't begin to touch upon how much she means to me. I think the world of her and I feel such a Huge Love for her. Her name is Tommie. She is like my Teacher, my Friend, my Sister, my Other Mother and my Guardian Angel all wrapped up in one beautiful person. She is an organic sprout/shoot farmer.

A Summertime Fairytale

Once upon a time I drove across the Longest Bridge in the World to visit a Sprout Princess. To get to her I had to cross a Sea of Blue where the water was the sky and the sky was the water.

Together, we worked and played in a Room of Green where magical things took place.

The Slithery Snakes that live near the Princess gave us silent warnings of their presence and we were very careful everywhere we went.

It was a safe place, though. There were many beings watching over us and protecting us at all times.

I watched the daughter of the Princess as she charmed a Dragon Fly.

On the last day, before I went home, I went to the Land of Blue Berries and gathered buckets of sweet small blue balls and I picked out a Giant Magical Melon from a man I encountered on the road back. It was full of sweet Red Goodness with Lucky Black Seeds.

When I got home, with the help of my Friend the Champion, I made Creamy Red Melon Milk (most of which I froze) which will nourish me throughout the summer.

The End

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Keiko Ti said...

I love a great story, thank you so much. & I always feel the same way when I open a magical melon and find lucky black seeds 'Luckeeee!' : )
Love your blog -it makes me smile,

shell said...

wow, is that the bridge over the widest part of the whole lake? if so, someone really must have loved building bridges...or crossing bridges!
I hereby declare thee Green-Fingered Story-telling Angel!
WOuldn't it be great to write children's stories like that full of postive, healthy subliminal messages? Traditional fairytales can be a bit dark and scary (sleeping beauty used to give me all sorts of nightmares)!
Lots of love 2u xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Audry,

I feel like I know you or have known you and should know you. First, I love your food fotos. It doesnt take long to see the beauty in food once you try a raw diet. I especially love the way you pay attention to the details like the pic of the arranged colored peppers from your garden..gorgeous! Thanks for your writing and inspiration to contine on my fulfilling path!

kittee said...

hi audry,
i love driving over the causeway too, i like it even better when i get to be the passenger. it looks like you went on a gorgeous day. are the snakes a water irrigation system?


erica said...

I love watermelon juice, it's so refreshing with the rind in there, too. I wish I could find organic watermelon with seeds, but all I can find is the seedless kind - and they just don't taste the same to me.

shell said...

the rind is great in a green juice too....most of the nutrition is in there!

Kati said...

Beautiful story - the land of sprouts looks incredible. I especially love watermelons, though I've never juiced them before. I eat them before I can pull the juicer out... ;-)